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2007 Publications

"Making Sense of the Valles Rules Draft"

-Presented to Global Business Dialogue

-December 2007

"Who's Back-Sliding In U.S.-Russia Trade?"

-Published in Journal of Commerce

-December 7, 2007

"China's Record of WTO Compliance: A U.S. Perspective"

-Presented to American Bar Association Conference

-October 2007


"What We Can Do Ourselves: Without New International Pacts,   Domestic Trade Reforms Loom Larger"

-Published in Legal Times

-September 17, 2007

"The May 10, 2007 Trade Policy Deal and Its Potential Impact at State Level"

-Presented to National Conference of State Legislatures, Subcommittee on   Labor & Economic Development

-August 5, 2007

"A Long-Term Approach to Substance-Oriented Lobbying"

-Presented to American Society of Association Executives

-June 20, 2007


"Trade Promotion Authority, Again"

-Published in International Law News, Vol.36, No.2

-Spring 2007

"Enforcing the Rules: Strong Trade Laws as the Foundation of A Sound American Trade Policy"

-Alliance for American Manufacturing

-May 2007

"De-Toxifying Beef Trade: Self Help, Common Sense"

-Presented to Global Business Dialogue

-February 2007

"Joint Export Trade Reconsidered, Again"

-Published in ABA International Trade Committee Newsletter, Vol.I, No.2

-Winter 2007

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