2011 Publications

"Russia's WTO Accession: U.S. Legal Options for Normalizing Trade Relations with the Bear"

-Presentation to Global Business Dialogue

-November 2011

"The WTO in Transition", or "Rescuing the Important Project of Trade Liberalization from the Clutches of Law and Lawyers"

-Presentation to WTO Public Forum

-September 2011

"Double-Remedies and DS 379"

-Published in ABA International Trade Committee Newsletter

-May 2011

"Congressional Impetus to Implementing Pending FTAs"

-Published in BNA International Trade Reporter

-February 2011


  Steel                    Photographic Materials                              Insurance                                  Home Appliances 

                     Aerospace                      Livestock         Cable Television                   Microelectronics  

 Textiles/Apparel              Footwear                                    Motion Pictures                        Beverage Alcohol

                 Chemicals                       Forest Products                        Telecommunications                       Tobacco