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"Legal Weapons in the China Currency Duel: The Cases   for Applying Subsidy Rules"

-Presented to American Enterprise Institute

-October 2010

"Applying Subsidy Rules to China's Currency Regime"

-Testimony delivered before House Committee on

 Ways &  Means hearing on China's Exchange Rate Policy

-September 2010

"New Developments in Trade Remedy Cases Against China"

-Presented to Customs & International Trade Bar Ass'n Seminar

-February 2008

"China's Record of WTO Compliance: A U.S. Perspective"

-Presented to American Bar Association Conference

-October 2007

"Chinese Subsidies and U.S. Responses"

-Testimony before U.S. China Economic and Security   Review Commission

-April 2006

 China's Antidumping Laws and Regulations

-Presented to American Bar Association program on   China's accession to the World Trade Organization

-March 2002

"China's WTO Accession and the Semiconductor Industry"

-Prepared for Seminar hosted by China Ministry of   Information Industry and U.S. Department of   Commerce,   Beijing, China

-September 2001

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