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Free Trade Agreements

"Congressional Impetus to Implementing Pending FTA's"

-Published in BNA International Trade Reporter

-February 2011

"Will a U.S. Push for a Korea FTA Hurt Panama and Colombia?"

-Published in Latin American Advisor

-September 2010

"Commitments Solemnly Exchanged"

-Presented to Washington International Trade Association   panel on "The Mexican Trucking Issue"

-April 2009

"Is Mexico's Decision to Hike Tariffs on U.S. Goods Justified?"

-Published in Latin American Advisor

-April 2009

"What Are the Prospects for the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Deal?"
-Latin America Advisor

-April 23, 2008

"Would a White House Gambit on the U.S.-Columbia FTA Pay Off?

-Latin America Advisor

-March 19, 2008

"The May 10, 2007 Trade Policy Deal and Its Potential   Impact at State Level"

-Presented to National Conference of State Legislatures,   Subcommittee on Labor & Economic Development

-August 5, 2007

"Antidumping and Antitrust Reform in the NAFTA:

 Beyond Rhetoric and Mischief," in Finding Middle Ground:

 Reforming the Antidumping Laws in North America

-Carleton University Centre for Trade Policy and Law


"Having your Cake and Eating It Too: Are There Limits to   Cultural Protectionism?"

-XXX Canadian Law Newsletter 57

-Summer 1996

 Dispute Settlement in the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas:   There Is A Better Way

-Presented to Customs/Trade/Finance Symposium of the Americas


"A Slow Boat to Chile: The Prospects for Chilean Accession to   the NAFTA,"

-25 International Law News 1


"Fix NAFTA's Dispute System," 

-Journal of Commerce, Opinion Page

-September 8, 1995

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