MARCH 2019

John Magnus moderates panel on "NAFTA 2.0 and Other New Deals in Trade" at Georgetown Law's International Trade Update conference in Washington, DC.


TradeWins President John Magnus delivers briefing to annual legislative summit of National Association of Free Trade Zones in Washington, D.C.


TradeWins President John Magnus moderates Global Business Dialogue panel discussion on WTO reform initiatives, entitled "Adjusting to New Ground:  Updating and Reform at the World Trade Organization." 

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TradeWins President John Magnus chairs panel discussion at WTO Public Forum, entitled “Make the playing field level again!  Ensuring global fair trade by 2030.”  Organized by European Commission, U.S. Trade Representative and Government of Japan. 

European Commission posting with photo


TradeWins President John Magnus gives international trade briefing at annual meeting of General Counsels of member companies of the American Forest & Paper Association.

TradeWins President John Magnus assumed Board chairmanship of Global Business Dialogue and speaks at Gavel Day luncheon.

JUNE 2018

TradeWins President John Magnus moderates Global Business Dialogue panel discussion on U.S. tariffs imposed on national security grounds, entitled "What's in a Name? The Tariffs, National Security, and the World Trade Organization." 

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MARCH 2017

TradeWins President John Magnus moderates Global Business Dialogue panel on border adjustment of U.S. corporate taxes

TradeWins Vice President Sheridan McKinney coaches American University law school team in WTO Moot Court competition in Bogota, Colombia


TradeWins President John Magnus speaks on Global Business Dialogue panel on China-North America trade relations


TradeWins President John Magnus speaks at ABA Section of International Law event in Tokyo, Japan on China's bid for market economy status trade remedy proceedings


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