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U.S. Trade Policy

"Commitments Solemnly Exchanged"

-Presented to Washington International Trade Association panel   on "The Mexican Trucking Issue"

-April 2009

"Protectionism or Pragmatism?"

-Presented to panel at American University Washington   College of Law

-April 2009

"Trade and New Issues: Environment, Energy and Labor"

-Presented to Symposium on International Trade hosted   by Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars   and Brazilian International Trade Scholars Institute

-February 2009

"Six Questions for US Trade Policy"

-Published by World Trade Online

-January 2009

"Abiding By The International Rule of Law:

 The United States and the Future of International Treaties"

-Presented to Annual Meeting of the United Nations   Association of the USA

-June 9, 2008

"Answers to the Questions for the Record"

-Follow-up to testimony before Senate Committee on   Finance hearing on S. 1919

-June 2008

"A New Architecture of Energized Cooperation Between the   Government's Political Branches in Trade Policy"

-Testimony presented to Senate Committee on Finance at   hearing S. 1919
-May 22, 2008

"What We Can Do Ourselves: Without New International   Pacts, Domestic Trade Reforms Loom Larger"

-Published in Legal Times

-September 17, 2007

"The May 10, 2007 Trade Policy Deal and Its Potential   Impact at State Level"

-Presented to National Conference of State Legislatures,   Subcommittee on Labor & Economic Development

-August 5, 2007

"Trade Promotion Authority, Again"

-Published in International Law News, Vol. 36, No. 2

-Spring 2007

"Enforcing the Rules: Strong Trade Laws as the Foundation   of a Sound American Trade Policy"

-Alliance for American Manufacturing

-May 2007

"Joint Export Trade Reconsidered, Again"

-Published in ABA International Trade Committee Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 2

-Winter 2007

"Should the Relationship of WTO Obligations to U.S. Law Be Reinvented?

-Presented to International Bar Association's "International Law   Weekend" Conference

-October 2006

"Joint Export Trade Provisions in Antitrust Laws: A Supporter's Perspective,"

-Journal of World Trade 39 (1): 181-184

-February 2005

"International Trade Year in Review,"

-The International Lawyer, Vol. 34

-Summer 2000

"Get the WTO Criticisms Right in the Trade Debate,"

-Journal of Commerce, Opinion page

-May 3, 2000

"A Trade Plan for the New Congress,"

-Journal of Commerce, Opinion page

-November 9, 1998

"America's Lost Leverage,"

-Legal Times

-August 1998

 Getting What We Bargained For:

 Industry Evaluates U.S. Enforcement of Trade Agreements to   Gain Access to Foreign Markets

-Labor/Industry Coalition for International Trade


 Addressing Private Restraints of Trade: Industries and   Governments Search for Answers Regarding

 Trade-and-Competition Policy

-Coalition for Open Trade


"International Trade and the New Congress,"

-24 International Law News 5


"Binational Panels Faulted by Congressional Committee,"

-1 Inter-American Trade and Investment Law 38


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