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2008 Publications

"Strict Liability for Growing Trade?"

-Presented to Global Business Dialogue

-October 2008

"Portals to WTO Dispute Settlement: The Processing of   Industry Complaints in Washington and Brussels

-Presented by ABA Section of International Law Fall Meeting

-September 2008

"Abiding By the International Rule of Law: The United States and the   Future of International Treaties"

-Presented to Annual Meeting of the United Nations Association of the USA

-June 2008

"Answers to Questions for the Record"

-Follow-up to testimony before Senate Committee on Finance

 hearing on S. 1919)

-June 2008

"A New Architecture of Energized Cooperation Between the Government's   Political Branches in Trade Policy"

-Testimony presented to Senate Committee on Finance, at hearing on

 S. 1919, the Trade Enforcement  Act of 2007

-May 22, 2008

"What Are the Prospects for the U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Deal?"

-Latin America Advisor

-April 23, 2008

"Would a White House Gambit on the U.S.-Colombia FTA Pay Off?"

-Latin America Advisor

-March 19, 2008

"New Developments in Trade Remedy Cases Against China"

-Presented to Customs & International Trade Bar Ass'n Seminar

-February 2008

"Building the Foundations for Trade: Biofuels Standards, Futures and Options Markets, and the WTO"

-Presented to U.S. Chamber of Commerce symposium, Outlook for an       Emerging Global Biofuels Market

-January 2008

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