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TradeWins LLC is a trade law and policy consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC.

Its mission is to help companies, industry associations and other stakeholders achieve their objectives with regard to international trade initiatives and national-level trade regulatory proceedings.

TradeWins President, John R. Magnus, is a long-time practitioner with vast experience representing domestic and foreign clients in complex, high-stakes trade matters.

TradeWins focuses principally on the trade policy output of the U.S. Government (Executive Branch, Congress and independent agencies) and that of the World Trade Organization (negotiations, dispute settlement proceedings, and day-to-day committee activity) in Geneva. Working directly and through strategic alliances, TradeWins also offers one-stop shopping to clients pursuing market access and other trade policy priorities in key foreign capitals.

While the trade issues TradeWins handles are complex, its philosophy can be simply stated.


  1. Engage the client fully at all stages, taking the broadest possible view both of problems and potential solutions.

  2. Follow an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to each trade matter's legal, policy, and economic aspects.

  3. Liaise seamlessly and efficiently with the client's other resources, both external and in-house.

  4. Serve as a trusted resource for decision-makers, giving them the information they need to do the right thing.

  5. Produce advocacy materials that are thorough, consistent, creative, and tailored to relevant audiences.

TradeWins offers the expertise, resources, credibility, access and top-quality work product typically associated with large law firm-based international trade groups. But it provides an entirely different client experience -- from personal attention, to leveraging of the client's own internal resources, to innovative, realistic and predictable fee arrangements.

TradeWins is a new breed of trade consultancy. It delivers answers. It delivers timely reporting, thorough analysis, and sound advice. It delivers WINS.

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