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2008 Publications

Strict Liability for Growing Trade?

October 2008

Presented to Global Business Dialogue

Portals to WTO Dispute Settlement: The Processing of Industry Complaints in Washington and Brussels

September 2008

Presented by ABA Section of International Law Fall Meeting

Abiding By the International Rule of Law: The United States and the Future of International Treaties

June 2008

Presented to Annual Meeting of the United Nations Association of the USA

Answers to Questions for the Record

June 2008

Follow-up to testimony before Senate Committee on Finance hearing on S. 1919)

A New Architecture of Energized Cooperation Between the Government’s Political Branches in Trade Policy

May 22, 2008

Testimony presented to Senate Committee on Finance, at hearing on S. 1919, the Trade Enforcement Act of 2007

What Are the Prospects for the U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Deal?

April 23, 2008

Latin America Advisor

Would a White House Gambit on the U.S.-Colombia FTA Pay Off?

March 19, 2008

Latin America Advisor

New Developments in Trade Remedy Cases Against China

February 2008

Presented to Customs & International Trade Bar Association Seminar

What the Impasse in the WTO Doha Round Means to U.S. Business

February 2008

World Trade Magazine

Building the Foundations for Trade: Biofuels Standards, Futures and Options Markets, and the WTO

January 2008

Presented to U.S. Chamber of Commerce symposium, Outlook for an Emerging Global Biofuels Market

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