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Free Trade Agreement Publications

NAFTA's Extreme Makeover

March 2019

Presentation to Georgetown University Law Center International Trade Update

Congressional Impetus to Implementing Pending FTA’s

February 2011

Published in BNA International Trade Reporter

Will a U.S. Push for a Korea FTA Hurt Panama and Colombia?

September 2010

Published in Latin American Advisor

Commitments Solemnly Exchanged

April 2009

Presented to Washington International Trade Association panel on “The Mexican Trucking Issue”

Is Mexico’s Decision to Hike Tariffs on U.S. Goods Justified?

April 2009

Published in Latin American Advisor

What Are the Prospects for the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Deal?

April 23, 2008

Latin America Advisor

Would a White House Gambit on the U.S.-Columbia FTA Pay Off?

March 19, 2008

Latin America Advisor

The May 10, 2007 Trade Policy Deal and Its Potential Impact at State Level

August 5, 2007

Presented to National Conference of State Legislatures, Subcommittee on Labor & Economic Development

Lumber and the NAFTA Chapter 19 Mess

February 2006

Presented to American University Washington College of Law Conference

Antidumping and Antitrust Reform in the NAFTA: Beyond Rhetoric and Mischief


Finding Middle Ground: Reforming the Antidumping Laws in North America

Carleton University Centre for Trade Policy and Law

Having your Cake and Eating It Too: Are There Limits to Cultural Protectionism?

Summer 1996

Canadian Law Newsletter, Volume XXX

Dispute Settlement in the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas: There Is A Better Way


Presented to Customs/Trade/Finance Symposium of the Americas

A Slow Boat to Chile: The Prospects for Chilean Accession to the NAFTA


25 International Law News 1

Fix NAFTA’s Dispute System

September 8, 1995

Journal of Commerce, Opinion Page

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