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WTO Publications

Another Thing Spiking in America in 2022: Harm to the WTO

September 2022

Washington International Trade Association

The Dispute Settlement Mess and the WTO Appellate Body As a Lightning Rod

December 2017

Before Global Business Dialogue Colloquium: Disputed Court – A Look at the Challenges To (and From) the WTO Dispute Settlement System

US Trade Investigations and WTO Rules

October 2017

Presentation to ABCI Institute XIII Symposium

Bringing Bali Home: A U.S. Perspective

December 2013

Presentation in WTO Bali Ministerial NGO space

How to Stop the Global Subsidies Race

October 2012

Presentation to Cato Institute

Russia, the WTO, and PNTR

April 2012

Kluwer Global Trade & Customs Journal

Russia’s WTO Accession: U.S. Legal Options for Normalizing Trade Relations with the Bear

November 2011

Presentation to Global Business Dialogue

The WTO in Transition or Rescuing the Important Project of Trade Liberalization from the Clutches of Law and Lawyers

September 2011

Presentation to WTO Public Forum

Double-Remedies and DS 379

May 2011

Published in ABA International Trade Committee Newsletter

Legal Weapons in the China Currency Duel: The Case for Applying Subsidy Rules

October 2010

Presented to American Enterprise Institute

Update on Subsidies and Subsidy Discipline

February 2010

Presented to Georgetown University Law Center International Trade Update

The New U.S. Government’s Trade Policy

December 2009

Briefing to European Commission DG-Trade Training Session

Dispute Settlement During a DDA Stall: What Are Members Asking of the DS System, and How Is It Performing?

December 2009

Introduction to Roundtable hosted by ABA Section of International Law during 7th WTO Ministerial Conference

OECD-WTO Interplay: Export Credit Agencies

December 2009

Presentation to Global Business Dialogue Roundtable during 7th WTO Ministerial Conference

Strict Liability for Growing Trade?

October 2008

Presented by Global Business Dialogue

Portals to WTO Dispute Settlement: The Processing of Industry Complaints in Washington and Brussels

September 2008

Presented to ABA Section of International Law Fall Meeting

What the Impasse in the WTO Doha Round Means to U.S. Business

February 2008

World Trade Magazine

Building the Foundations for Trade: Biofuels Standards, Futures and Options Markets, and the WTO

January 2008

Presented to U.S. Chamber of Commerce symposium, Outlook for an Emerging Global Biofuels Market

Making Sense of the Valles Rules Draft

December 2007

Presented to Global Business Dialogue

Should the Relationship of WTO Obligations to U.S. Law Be Reinvented?

October 2006

Presented to International Bar Association’s “International Law Weekend” Conference

Chinese Subsidies and U.S. Responses

April 2006

Testimony before U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission

Progress on Non-Tariff Barriers in the ‘NAMA’ Talks

September 2005

Presented to American Bar Association Conference

Compliance with WTO Dispute Settlement Decisions: Is There a Crisis?


From Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years (Yerxa & Wilson, eds., Cambridge University Press

Legal Issues in the Aircraft Subsidies Dispute

March 2005

Presented to American Enterprise Institute

WTO Subsidy Discipline: Is This the ‘Retrenchment Round?’

December 2004

Journal of World Trade 38 (6): 985-1047

Thinking Outside the “Boxes”: A (Possibly) Simpler Strategy for Advancing Multilateral Regulation of Farm Subsidies

July 2004

Presented to Global Business Dialogue

Recent WTO Cases Involving Trade Remedy Measures: Flawed Decisions Emerging From a Flawed System

June 2003

Presented at Canadian Bar Association’s 4th Annual International Law CLE Conference

WTO Dispute Settlement and Trade Remedies: Did We Get What Negotiators Wanted?

May 2003

Presentation to Dartmouth-Tuck Forum on International Trade and Business

What Do All These Adverse WTO Decisions Mean?

January 2003

Presented at Georgetown University Law Center Trade Update

U.S. Trade Remedy Laws and the WTO

June 2001

Presentation to Congressional Economic Leadership Institute Forum on "Improving America's Trade Performance"

NGOs, Governments and the WTO

November 2000

Presented to the Global Business Dialogue

Get the WTO Criticisms Right in the Trade Debate

May 3, 2000

Journal of Commerce, Opinion Page

Co-Chairs' Introduction to Symposium on the First Three Years of the WTO Dispute Settlement System

Fall 1998

The International Lawyer

The Limits of the GATT: Private Practices in Restraint of Trade


Coalition for Open Trade

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