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"Bringing Bali Home: A U.S. Perspective"

-Presentation in WTO Bali Ministerial NGO space

-December 2013

"How to Stop the Global Subsidies Race"

-Presentation to Cato Institute

-October 2012

"Russia, the WTO, and PNTR"

-Kluwer Global Trade & Customs Journal

-April 2012

"Russia's WTO Accession: U.S. Legal Options for   Normalizing Trade Relations with the Bear"

-Presentation to Global Business Dialogue

-November 2011

"The WTO in Transition", or "Rescuing the Important   Project of Trade Liberalization from the Clutches of   Law and Lawyers

-Presentation to WTO Public Forum

-September 2011

"Double-Remedies and DS 379"

-Published in ABA International Trade Committee Newsletter

-May 2011

"Legal Weapons in the China Currency Duel: The Case   for Applying Subsidy Rules"

-Presented to American Enterprise Institute

-October 2010

"Update on Subsidies and Subsidy Discipline"

-Presented to Georgetown University Law Center   International Trade Update

-February 2010

"The New U.S. Government's Trade Policy"

-Briefing to European Commission DG-Trade Training   Session

-December 2009

"Dispute Settlement During a DDA Stall: What Are Members Asking of   the DS System, and How Is It Performing?

-Introduction to Roundtable hosted by ABA Section of International   Law during 7th WTO Ministerial Conference

-December 2009

"OECD-WTO Interplay: Export Credit Agencies"

-Presentation to Global Business Dialogue Roundtable   during 7th WTO Ministerial Conference

-December 2009

"Strict Liability for Growing Trade?"

-Presented by Global Business Dialogue

-October 2008

"Portals to WTO Dispute Settlement: The Processing of Industry   Complaints in Washington and Brussels"

-Presented to ABA Section of International Law Fall Meeting

-September 2008

"Building the Foundations for Trade:

 Biofuels Standards, Futures and Options Markets, and the WTO"

-Presented to U.S. Chamber of Commerce symposium,

 Outlook for an Emerging Global Biofuels Market

-January 2008

"Making Sense of the Valles Rules Draft"

-Presented to Global Business Dialogue

-December 2007

"China's Record of WTO Compliance: A U.S. Perspective"

-Presented to American Bar Association Conference

-October 2007

"Should the Relationship of WTO Obligations to U.S. Law Be Reinvented?"

-Presented to International Bar Association's "International Law   Weekend" Conference

-October 2006

"Chinese Subsidies and U.S. Responses"

-Testimony before U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission

-April 2006

"Progress on Non-Tariff Barriers in the 'NAMA' Talks"

-Presented to American Bar Association Conference

-September 2005

"Compliance with WTO Dispute Settlement Decisions: Is There a Crisis?"

-From Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years   

 (Yerxa & Wilson, eds., Cambridge University Press


"Legal Issues in the Aircraft Subsidies Dispute"

-Presented to American Enterprise Institute

-March 2005

"WTO Subsidy Discipline: Is This the 'Retrenchment Round?'"

-Journal of World Trade 38 (6): 985-1047

-December 2004

"Thinking Outside the "Boxes": A (Possibly) Simpler Strategy for   Advancing Multilateral Regulation of Farm Subsidies"

-Presented to Global Business Dialogue

-July 2004

"Get the WTO Criticisms Right in the Trade Debate,"

-Journal of Commerce, Opinion Page

-May 3, 2000

The Limits of the GATT: Private Practices in Restraint of Trade

-Coalition for Open Trade


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